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Empathy: The Remnant Pieces

Table of Contents

Part I (No. 001-010)

Roderick Butler's mother, Eleanor, announces her marriage to an older widower with three children, and Roderick reluctantly meets his future stepsiblings as he prepares to move into the new house.

Part II (No. 011-021)

Now moved into the Levitt household, Roderick struggles to find his place with his three new stepsiblings. In an attempt to ease the transition, Lloyd Levitt suggests that he visit with Dr. Brawney, a therapist who helped his own children after his wife's death.

Part III (No. 022-029)

Roderick interacts with his future peers for the first time as he prepares for his new school.

Part IV (No. 030-038)

As the school year begins, one of Allison's friends expresses interest in Roderick.

Part V (No. 039-050)

Roderick enjoys a somewhat bumpy introduction to Redgrove High School.

Part VI (No. 051-060)

Roderick's relationship with Carlie grows more intense as the two become ever closer, while Allison tries desperately to cool things off.

Part VII (No. 061-069)

Roderick tries to come to terms with his new sexual relationship.

Part VIII (No. 070-84)

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