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Acceptances and Rejections for April '21

Continuing from previous months, here's the rundown of my successes and failures for April.

Short Fiction

This month, I made 7 submissions and received 10 rejections with 10 outstanding. Many of these are the This Somber Road stories, which - per the QueryCast - I intentionally submitted to slow markets. On the other hand, I do have unrelated work under consideration from Apex and F&SF, so that's something.

I have been rejected a total of 906 times since beginning submissions on February 13th, 2017. My overall acceptance rate is 3.6%.

Query Letters

Since November 21st, 2020, I have submitted a total of 140 query letters. Of these, there have been 62 rejections, 0 requests, 55 no-responses, and 23 outstanding.

I remain at a total loss for words here. Why? What is so toxic about This Somber Road that no one will touch it? I can't do any further analysis because I simply have nothing to go on. There are fewer and fewer agents even available at this point, so eventually this will end on its own.

But truly, I didn't think that I could despise agents more...and then every month that I have to repost that zero, the bile inches higher.

Thank you, and expect to receive your next update at the end of May.

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