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Acceptances and Rejections for December

Continuing from previous months, here's the rundown of my successes and failures for December.

Short Fiction

This month, I made 6 submissions and received 6 rejections and 3 acceptances, with 10 outstanding. That sounds a lot more impressive than it really is - two of those acceptances (the ones linked below) were reprints of stories published back in 2018. It was a slow month overall due to real-life obligations, other projects, and just the fact that it's December and many markets are closed.

I have been rejected a total of 855 times since beginning submissions on February 13th, 2017.

Newly available stories:

Query Letters

Since November 21st, 2020, I have submitted a total of 40 query letters. Of these, there have been 12 rejections, 0 requests, 0 no-responses, and 28 outstanding. This was a lot slower than I expected, perhaps - again - due to the time of year. I expect to receive a fresh wave of rejections within the next two weeks. Around that point, I'll mark the remainder as no-responses and we'll have some clue as to the general response rate. I would certainly hope that I could manage a better rate than 30%.

Thank you, and expect to receive your next update at the end of January.

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