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Acceptances and Rejections for February '21

Continuing from previous months, here's the rundown of my successes and failures for February.

Short Fiction

This month, I made 21 submissions and received 16 rejections and 1 acceptance with 15 outstanding. The held piece from last month was shot down, and a new piece is being held. Given the long odds, I almost wish they would have rejected it outright. On the other hand, there will be a fresh wave in the coming months, for reasons to be explained below.

I have been rejected a total of 882 times since beginning submissions on February 13th, 2017.

Query Letters

Since November 21st, 2020, I have submitted a total of 100 query letters. Of these, there have been 39 rejections, 0 requests, 30 no-responses, and 31 outstanding. At the moment, I have no plans to send out more queries than this. With zero requests after more than three months, this is clearly a futile effort. The already provincial world of publishing is getting more and more exclusionary, and the gatekeepers have made it very clear that they don't view me as worthy.

Beyond that, I am quickly running out of agents to query. What with all of the agencies with "rejection from one is rejection from all" policies, that 100 queries represents a bigger slice of the industry than it may look. Add in the fact that I've already queried 80% of the people who say they represent this genre, and there doesn't seem to be much of a point in sending more - except, perhaps, to that remaining 20% so that I can take to the den of toxic positivity that is Twitter's "writing community" and talk about it with the deluded souls there.

So I've already begun to extract the short stories from the manuscript, with plans to start shopping those around once all of the queries are resolved. There will be eight in all, but probably only three of then have a real shot, with a fourth being a maybe and the other four having very little hope, but what the hell, I'll send them out.

Thank you, and expect to receive your next update at the end of March.

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