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Acceptances and Rejections for January '21

Updated: Feb 28

Continuing from previous months, here's the rundown of my successes and failures for January.

Short Fiction

This month, I made 13 submissions and received 11 rejections with 12 outstanding. Not much new to add to the pile here - it's mostly me clearing a backlog, trying to find homes for unloved stories - but I did have one piece held for consideration. One other thing...all the way back in 2019, I had a market pick up a story that it wasn't slated to publish until this year. So keep an eye out for that musty old relic to show up in a future update.

I have been rejected a total of 866 times since beginning submissions on February 13th, 2017.

Query Letters

Since November 21st, 2020, I have submitted a total of 60 query letters. Of these, there have been 23 rejections, 0 requests, 21 no-responses, and 16 outstanding.* This has been an exceptionally bad submission cycle - if I needed more proof that I should give up, then this was it. I'm honestly stunned that I haven't picked up a single request yet, and I'm really reaching for some explanation as to why my "friends" are giving me the cold shoulder.

Sorry, I was going to knock off those particular jokes. They're just so damn easy, though.

Thank you, and expect to receive your next update at the end of February.

*Sidenote: This count changed due to a fresh rejection I received just thirty minutes after uploading the QueryCast and ten minutes after posting this. It's like she was waiting for just the right time to throw me off.

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