• Andrew Johnston

Acceptances and Rejections for May '21

Continuing from previous months, here's the rundown of my successes and failures for May.

Short Fiction

This month, I made 7 submissions and received 16 rejections with 12 outstanding. The pieces I mentioned last month - the ones I sent to Apex and F&SF - were both rejected. I'm currently awaiting a long overdue rejection from Strange Horizons. This is pretty much what my life is like now.

I have been rejected a total of 922 times since beginning submissions on February 13th, 2017. My overall acceptance rate is 3.7%.

Query Letters

Since November 21st, 2020, I have submitted a total of 160 query letters. Of these, there have been 71 rejections, 0 requests, 68 no-responses, and 21 outstanding.

At this point, I'm just waiting for that last few rejections. There aren't going to be any real surprises here - no one's going to come through at the last minute and make that one request that will zap that zero. The only real piece of information I have is the response rate - it looks fine, but I actually received a lot of no-responses from agents who usually respond. If I had more of a persecution complex, I might view this as proof of something ugly. As it is, it just saddens me. This is how little they care about us.

Thank you, and expect to receive your next update at the end of June.

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