• Andrew Johnston

EMPATHY - Writelog 02

I've been keeping a diary in-character as the central player in this project. The entries are very short - blurbs more than anything - but for veritas, I've been signing them with his name.

This is the kind of gimmickry I usually reject, but there's a reason I'm doing it here. This story is a lot more primal than what I normally do, and what's going to make it work (or fail to work) is my proximity to the characters. I need to be able to live inside their skin, to feel what they do. This is part of that.

There's some irony here, though, because another part of this narrative is the distance. The protagonist is a topic of judgment, spoken about more often than he's spoken with. My ability to make the reader feel the same is going to determine whether the story works or not.

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