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EMPATHY - Writelog 05

All the things I've written about this project, and I've yet to say what it's about. I'm keeping mum about this for a reason, but I can let just a little bit out.

EMPATHY is a mainstream realistic story told in an epistolary style that follows one year in the life of a sixteen year-old. There is no hard and fast plot here and the conflict is primarily internal. What's more, the main character is not necessarily the POV character - the POV characters surround him, and the bulk of the story consists of their opinions. The reader is watching this person from the outside as he deals with issues coming from the inside.

As to the working title: It comes from a comment made about me a long time ago, a hurtful comment made by someone who should have known better. The central character is going to hear something very similar, but it also speaks to the writing style. I want to see how much empathy the reader can have for this person when all they know of him comes from others.

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