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EMPATHY - Writelog 06

You get a blend of feelings when you're working on an essentially doomed project. On the one hand, it is certainly liberating - no content concerns, no need to kiss ass, just something you truly believe in. On the other hand, it's hard not to feel like time spent on the project is time wasted. There are things I could do that would advance my reputation, maybe even enough to make EMPATHY more viable. Each day I work on EMPATHY instead of one of those other things is, in a sense, a day wasted.

This is where, by all rights, I should invite you to forget about the fame and the promotion and the branding exercises and rediscover what you love. Unfortunately, I don't believe in any of that. As a project, EMPATHY is a gambit, one that I'm playing because I've failed so many times over the years. My actual advice for any would-be authors out there is to quit the writing, find some cheap fame and then sell out before anyone realizes that you're a fraud.

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