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EMPATHY - Writelog 14

So I've been stalled out for a while. Mainly it's due to other priorities - articles, my actual job, and some real-life events. But even when I set time aside for it, it feels like a struggle. When I finally get around to working on the manuscript, it comes so quickly and easily that I'm surprised that I put it off for so long. Then I put it back down and it's days before I even think about it again.

That's how it goes sometimes. I'm past 50k words and thus into the back end of this thing, and I've been avoiding looking back over what I've already done. I'll check an old entry for the sake of continuity, but in many ways the little changes brought about by time are intentional. This is a story covering a year in someone's life, after all, and no one is exactly the same from year to year.

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