• Andrew Johnston

Novel Writing: Master Post

Here are the collected novel writing posts as of August 19th, 2020. This post may be updated if new posts are added.

A Quick-Start Guide to Writing a Novel

An approach to planning a novel based on the motivations and actions of the most important characters.

Developing Characters: A Relationship-Driven Approach

Learn more about your characters by charting how they interact with each other.

Worldbuilding Ideas: Starting From the Ground Up

An approach to worldbuilding, starting from ancient history and moving forward.

The Ideal Novel Length: Finding the Best Word Count

How long should a manuscript be? Opinions vary greatly, so let's try and find a consensus.

The Search for the Ideal Chapter Length

Should chapters be a certain length? A brief study of well-known novels suggests the answer is "no."

Chapter Length: The Long and the Short

Are there circumstances in which chapters should be unusually short or long?


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