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All works on this website, including text and images, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. This allows for broad reuse of the material - including commercial use - without my express permission, provided that you follow the standards of the license. You may distribute, edit, abridge, expand or translate the text, create adaptations or derivative works, and sell or otherwise monetize the resulting work.


There are three requirements:

  1. You must attribute the work to me, using my name. For derivative works, a designation like "Based on a work by Andrew Johnston" or "Original story by Andrew Johnston" will be suitable.

  2. You must link to this website,

  3. You must release your own work under a CC BY-SA license.


In exchange for this, you may use these works as you see fit, such as:

  • Creating digital or physical copies, including for sale;

  • Posting works, in full or part, to a blog;

  • Selling works to CC-licensed paying markets (but ONLY as reprints as these works are technically "published");

  • Republishing works in a CC-licensed magazine or anthology;

  • Using characters, locations, events, dialogue, or plot points to create derivative works;

  • Selling said derivative works to paying markets;

  • Translating works and selling or freely distributing them;

  • Adapting original or derivative works to film, audio or interactive media;

  • Monetizing translations, adaptations and other derivative works by any legal means.

So why am I being so generous?

I've spent years trying to make money off of these works to no avail. To the publishing world, they're useless. To the consumer, they're invisible. To me, they're beautiful, moving tales and I want people to experience them. That's why I've licensed them for the broadest possible distribution. I want people to read (or watch, or hear, or play) what I've done, and if you can make money off of that where I've failed, then I don't begrudge you.

In short, I'm giving my works away for free because I love them just that much.

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